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Oilfield Demolition, Decommissioning & Reclamation in Alberta
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Safe - Environmentally Responsible - Cost Efficient

We Specialize in Oil Field Demolition, Industrial De-construction and Industrial Dismantling of Oil Field Equipment, Structures and Facilities that have served their useful life cycle and need to be dismantled, disposed of, or salvaged. 

We Offer On-Site Oilfield Demolition in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan.

oil field demolition in alberta


When you need the best oilfield demolition contractor for your project, we can get it done.

From simple underground tank removal, to time sensitive shutdown projects, and large scope plant decommissioning, we can handle it.

Our Demolition Services for the Oilfield include:

Plant De-Commissioning

When its time to retire a plant, or operating facility we provide safe and environmentally responsible oilfield plant decommissioning solutions that are time efficient and cost-effective. 

Underground Tank and Pipeline Removal

We safely excavate and remove underground storage tanks, pipe, and other buried utilities. 

Structure Dismantling & Demolition

We safely dismantle steel, metal and wood buildings and structures that  need to be removed to ensure a safe work environment or make room for a new structure.

Tank, Vessel and Treater Demolition

Above ground storage tanks, vessels and treaters may have a relatively short life cycle caused by severe applications and corrosion.  Tanks and vessels that are no longer safe and serviceable are pre-cleaned depending on the application, and then dismantled and salvaged.  If needed, tanks, vessels and treaters may be transported off-site prior to cleaning and decommissioning.

Equipment Removal

When a piece of equipment or asset has completed its service life we will disconnect, decommission and remove the equipment from your facility and assist in the placement of new equipment if needed.  In most cases, the used equipment can be diverted from a landfill and re-purposed or salvaged to minimize negative environmental impact.

Oilfield Reclamation & Remediation

We transform an abandoned well site or pipeline site back to what the land looked like before the oilfield facility was built or installed.  The reclamation process is complicated and government regulation must be adhered to without exception. 

Asset Recovery

We work with you to maximize the value of unused, obsolete, or end-of-life assets.  We safely remove assets from your site so that the unwanted or surplus equipment can be refurbished, re-purposed or otherwise re-used rather than disposed of.  We can help you develop a Asset Recovery Strategy for your business or facility that will help improve efficiency and minimize waste.

oilfield demolition in alberta
Oil Field and Industrial Demolition Services in Alberta

When you need oilfield demolition, you need it done right.


We give you industry and site-specific oilfield demolition solutions.

We provide smart industrial demolition that is tailored for your specific requirements, timeline and budget.

Oil Field Demolition Services in BC, Alberta & Saskatchewan
oilfield demolition bc
oilfield demolition reclamation alberta
oilfield demolition saskatchewan

We provide full service oil field demolition across Western Canada.


We have an office Abbotsford, BC, and an office in Innisfail, Alberta.

Our trained and experienced crews are ready to complete your oilfield demolition project.

An Industrial Demolition Contractor for Your Industry

We serve industrial and oilfield clients across Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan with Safe, Environmentally Responsible and Budget-Friendly Demolition Solutions.

We Serve the following Industries:

Power Generation

Power Plant Demolition & Decommissioning, End of Useful Life Equipment Removal and Replacement.

Forestry & Lumber

Specializing in Mill and Facility Upgrades including Process Equipment, Structure Removal and Conveyors.

Pulp & Paper

Industrial Demolition for Pulp and Paper Facilities including Chemical Tank Removal and Process Equipment Upgrades.


We get your Manufacturing Facility back into Operation with Timely Demolition and Fixed Equipment Removal & Replacement

Oil & Gas

Specializing in Oil and Gas Facility Shutdown and Turnaround Demolition & Decommissioning Projects.

Food & Beverage

Safe and Affordable Process Equipment End of Life Cycle Removal & Salvage anywhere in Western Canada.


We support Construction Professionals with Safe and Timely Industrial Demolition to make room for New Construction.

Alberta's Best Industrial Demolition Contractor

We offer turnkey industrial demolition services to industrial facility owners including Hydro Plants, Lumber Mills, Oil and Gas Facilities, Mining Operations, Pulp and Paper Processing and Power Plants.

From project design and scope, safety compliance to meeting salvage and recycling targets, our team of demolition technicians will get your project done without delay.

We specialize in tight timelines for facilities in operation but planning a scheduled shutdown or temporary outage.

oilfield demolition services in alberta alberta
You Can Trust Us to Be:


We work with your site safety personnel to develop an integrated safety plan for your industrial demolition project.

Environmentally Friendly

We take protecting our environment seriously and audit each project to make sure that environmental standards and practices are followed.


Detailed pre-project planning and well-executed project management instream means that your industrial project will be completed professionally.

On Time & On Budget

We provide you with cost-certainty based on a firm price estimate that allows you to include total demolition and disposal costs into your budget planning.

Western Canada's Leader in Oilfield Demolition.

As a leading Oilfield Demolition Contractor you can count on us to deliver an environmentally responsible, safe, timely and competitive demolition project.  We offer demolition, dismantling and decommissioning industrial projects for facilities operating in the Forestry, Mining, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing of all types, and Processing Plants.

We design specialized industrial demolition solutions and we plan and coordinate with your plant shut down or decommissioning team to ensure a safe and efficient project.

When you need the Best Industrial Demolition Contractor, make us your first call. 

industrial demolition contractor in alberta

Need Something Demolished?

Let's Get Your Project Off to a Good Start.

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