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epoxy floor coating

We Take Your Concrete from Bland to Grand!

The Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley's Specialized Concrete Coating Contractor.

We install Concrete Coating and Floor Coating systems in commercial facilites and light industrial plants for all industries.

From car dealerships, to distribution centers, to power generation stations and manufacturing facilities, we have the specialized concrete coating system for your industry and application.

Few investments offer the pride of ownership, enhanced safety, and unmistakeable improved appearance of a coated concrete surface.  

We are a certified concrete coating contractor for some of the world's leading coating system manufacturers.

Scroll through our list of Concrete Coating Services below:


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Epoxy Floor Coating

Our Epoxy Floor Coatings are high-build systems designed for high-wear and demanding environments.

Epoxy Floor Coatings provide improved light reflectivity, chemical resistance, ease of maintenance and can be applied with various anti-slip inhibitors.

Epoxy Floor Coatings protect your concrete floor from foot traffic, wheeled traffic, heat, chemicals and spills preventing damage to your concrete floor that is extremely expensive to replace.


floor coating contractor

Floor Logos & Custom Colors to Match Your Brand

We are able to fully customize our Floor and Wall Coating Systems to match your corporate branding.

Whether you need a custom colour, or a corporate logo, we can create a professional customized floor coating system that enhances the image of your brand.


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Line Painting and Safety Markings

Installing a new floor coating system is the perfect time to improve the safety of your facility by adding Safety Markings to alert employees and guests to potential hazards in your facility.

Safety Striping is a cost-effective way to improve productivity while reducing workplace accidents.


epoxy coating

Concrete Sealing and Concrete Densifying

Concrete Sealing and Concrete Densifying are a cost-effective means of providing a level of protection to your concrete floor.

Intended for light traffic, a concrete sealer will provide short-term protection for your concrete floor and will help prevent naturally occurring 'dusting' of concrete floors.

Concrete Densifiers can be applied to concrete floors to help improve the structural integrity of the slab.


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Chemical Containment Coating

Commercial and Industrial grade chemicals destroy un-coated concrete.

Our Chemical Resistant Concrete Coating Systems prevent the chemical from breaking down the structural strength of concrete that causes spalling, flaking and cracking over time.  Without a Chemical Resistant Coating on your concrete floor or concrete wall, the concrete will fail and will require expensive replacement.

Chemical Containment Coatings are engineered to prevent the destructive effects that chemicals cause.  Protect your asset and your investment and have us install a Chemical Containment Coating that matches your service environment.


concrete caulking contractor

Concrete Joint Filling & Caulking

Ignoring the expansion joints in your concrete floor is one of the most common causes of pre-mature failure of concrete slabs.  And it is one of the easiets and most inexpensive ways that you can protect your concrete floor.

Filling the expansion joints and saw cuts with the right joint filling material or caulking allows the slab to expand and contract and protects the shoulder joint against chipping, cracking and failure.

Joint Filling and Caulking also reduces the time it takes to clean your floor reducing labout costs and water usage.

A seamless floor coating is a great upgrade to your concrete floor after the joints have been properly filled.


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Concrete Sump Coating

Concrete sump pits may be a part of your plant or facility.  Left un-coated, the harsh environment of a sump pit will result in pre-mature concrete failure and costly replacement.

Ideally, it is best to coat a sump pit before it is placed in service.  Howver, with the correct preparation methods, a concrete sump can be successfully cleaned, repaired, and coated before complete replacement is required.

Contact us for an inspection of your concrete sump and a recommendation on a coating system for your particular service requirements.


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Food Grade / CFIA Approved Coating

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Food and Beverage Facilities require specialized floor coating and wall coating systems that are approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Our food grade and CFIA approved coating systems can be applied to in-service food and beverage facilities or prior to start-up.

Whether trowel down or pour out, our food grade floor coating systems are engineered for harsh environments that includes hot water cleaning, chemical exposure and heavy wheeled or point load traffic.


Electro-Static Disappative (ESD) Coating System - Before

concrete epoxy coating

Electro-Static Disappative (ESD) Coating System - After

floor coatings concrete
floor coating contractor fraser valley

High Traffic Coating System (Ford Dealership) - Before

High Traffic Coating System (Ford Dealership) - After

floor epoxy coating near me

Aircraft Hangar (Department of National Defence) - Before

concrete coating services fraser valley

Aircraft Hangar (Department of National Defence) - After

concrete coating contracting near me

The Fraser Valley's Only Specialized Floor Coating Contractor

When your property or facility needs protection, or enhancement, you can count on us to supply and install a floor coating system that will transform your concrete surface.

A well-specified, and correctly installed concrete coating system will increase the life span of your concrete.  Concrete coatings are not only practical and functional, they also enhance the appeal of your facility by improving light reflectivity and adding colour that brightens and customizes your facility.

We specialize in commercial and light industrial facilities.  And both new build and renovation projects.  No matter what type of facility you are building, or what industry your operate in, we have a concrete coating system that is right for you.


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