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A Re-Purposing Success Story.

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The British Columbia Ministry of Health and the Fraser Health Authority needed a 60' x 30' structure removed from one of their facility sites in Abbotsford.

But they did not want the structure removed using standard demolishing methods that would see all of the material sent to the landfill.

The structure needed to be removed while being a good steward of the environment.

So Fraser Health hired DEMO-TECH.

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DEMO-TECH developed a dismantling and re-purposing plan that satisfied the environmental standards of the Fraser Health Authority.

The estimated 14,000 pounds of material that made up the structure would be carefully dismantled and re-purposed with the goal that 90% of the construction material would be diverted from our landfills and re-used.  

DEMO-TECH provided or coordinated all services on this project including safety, deconstruction, crane service, trucking and marketing of the structure.

As well as being environmentally responsible, our dismantling plan added no additional cost to the project.

DEMO-TECH began reverse engineering the structure, carefully dismantling the metal soffit, metal roof, and chain link fence.

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The structure was dismantled down to its wood frame structure.

The structure was re-forced to stiffen its structural members so the entire structure could be lifted by crane in one piece and set on the ground.

This was planned to eliminate an elevated work environment and made the project safer for DEMO-TECH technicians.

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Once safely on the ground, the roof truss system was labeled and dismantled by DEMO-TECH technicians.

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The entire structure, and all materials including the chain link fence was loaded on a truck and shipped to its new home to be      re-purposed and erected as a shop to store equipment.

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Of the estimated 14,000 pounds of construction material, only three bags of material, weighing less than 200 pounds was sent to the landfill.

That means that 13,800 pounds of what would have been waste material using traditional demolition methods was saved.

98.5% of material was diverted from our landfill.

This project gives DEMO-TECH a LEEDS Platinum rating.  The highest score awarded.

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If you are interested in protecting the environment, and would like more information on how DEMO-TECH can design and complete a project that is both environmentally responsible and cost-effective, please get in touch with us.

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