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Floor Scraping Machine for Sale

floor scraper for sale

Flooring Removal Machine for Sale

Remove all types of flooring material with this New Electric Floor Scraper Machine.

Easy to Operate.  Long Run Time.  High Flooring Removal Rates.

When you have a tough floor removal project, forget about trying to do the floor removal job with a scraper and a hammer.  It's time to use the right tool for the job.  This electric powered floor scraping machine will rip up more flooring in a day than a 10 man floor removal crew.

Only $22,000 USD or $30,000 CAD


Dust is Dangerous.  So We Don't Expose You or Your Site to Unhealthy Particles during Floor Demolition.


Our State-of-the-Art Machines are Battery Powered so NO Harmful Emissions when Removing Floors.


Our Trained Technicains and Best-in-Class Equipment Means that You Get the Best Floor Removal Service.

Check out the Best Floor Removal Machine

Long run times, high flooring removal rates and less worker fatigue make this floor removal machine the best in the business.

Best of all it's priced $20,000 cheaper than other machines on the market.






Commercial Floor Removal



We specialize in Floor Demolition projects removing all types of commercial flooring products in commercial facilities and industrial facilities.

As a full-service Floor Removal Contractor, we provide Floor Removal Services and Floor Demolition in commercial settings and commercial construction and renovation projects that require difficult or large scale Flooring Removal.

As a GC, PM, Property Manager or Facility Owner, you can trust our safe and professional Floor Removal Service.


VCT Tile Removal  -  CERAMIC Tile Removal  -  THINSET / GROUT Removal

Don't know How to Remove a Tile Floor?  We Do. Tile Floor Demolition and Ceramic Tile Removal is no problem for our Tile Removal machines.

We offer Dustless Tile Removal and Dust-Free Tile Floor Demolition.

Our Floor Removal Service includes Residential Floor Removal Services, Commercial Floor Demolition Services, Tile Removal, and the Dustless Removal of

thinset, grout, and other adhesives.

Contact Us to learn How to Remove a Tile Floor the Fast and Dust-Free way.

Tile Removal Abbotsford
Commercial Carpet Removal



Fast, Clean, and Dust-free Carpet Removal and Floor Removal Service.

We remove all types of carpet, underlayment, and adhesive for renovation and restoration projects.  We also offer complete Flooring Demolition.

Removing glue down carpet is difficult and time-consuming. But our Floor Removal

machines and techniques save you time and money.

Take advantage of our Floor Removal Services on your next project.


NAIL DOWN Hardwood Floor Removal  -   GLUE DOWN Hardwood Removal

We provide Dust-Free Wood Floor Removal and Flooring Demolition.

We can remove hardwood floors selectively for repair or restoration projects.

Or, we can perform complete Hardwood Floor Removal and tear-outs in both commercial and residential settings.

As always, we take every precaution to minimize both dust and disruption to your home or business during wood floor removal.

wood floor removal
Adhesive and Glue removal


Glue Removal  -  Mastic Removal  -  INDUSTRIAL ADHESIVES Removal

There is nothing harder, and more time-consuming than trying to remove glue and adhesives from wood sub-floors, or concrete floors during Flooring Removal.

Getting rid of the glue and mastic residue is a Floor Removal Service that most companies don't offer, or can't offer.  But it is one of our most requested Floor Removal Services.


We'll do the hard work for you. Our trained technicians and specialty, dust-free equipment will save you the backbreaking work and exposure to potentially harmfull airborn particles.



Nothing lasts forever.  Even high-build epoxy concrete coatings need to be removed and replaced.

If your facility is in need of a new floor coating system, we can remove the old concrete coating, and prepare the substrate with a clean and with the coating manufacturers recommended profile that will ensure excellent adhesion for the new coating system.

Our concrete coating removal services our dust-free and high production.

Floor coating removal near me

Contact Us For a Floor Removal or Floor Demolition Estimate

Dust-Free High Performance Flooring Removal Services.


Floor Scraping and Floor Cleaning can be the most time-consuming part of any demolition or renovation project.

That's why DEMO-TECH has invested in specialized, high production Floor Scraping and Floor Cleaning Equipment that can tackle even the most difficult projects efficiently reducing the need for you to provide large amounts of manpower only equipped with hand tools.

Our Floor Scraping production rates often exceed what 12 labourers can do in the same amount of time.  You do the math.

Floor Removal Services and Flooring Demolition Services

Our Floor Scraping and Floor Cleaning Services include the Removal All Types of Flooring.

  • Adhesive / Glue / Mastic Removal

  • Carpet Removal

  • Ceramic Tile Removal

  • Concrete Coating Removal

  • Epoxy Coatings Removal

  • Floor Demolition

  • Gymnasium Sport Floor Removal

  • Hardwood Floor Removal

  • Linoleum Removal

  • Old Floor Removal and Disposal

  • Membrane Systems Removal

  • Rubber Flooring Removal

  • Sheet Flooring Removal

  • Stone Removal

  • Sub-Floor Removal

  • Vinyl Plank / VCT Removal

The BENEFITS of Using DEMO-TECH to Remove Your Floor:


Dust-Free, Safe & Ready to Work.


Get Your Job Done Right.


Means a Stress-Free Experience.

Flooring Contractos, Coating Installers and Restoration Companies rely on us to remove all types of flooring material quickly and safely.


Our technicians are trained in all types of flooring removal, providing a clean and flat substrate that only requires a final detail clean by your installers to be ready to start installing the new flooring system.

DEMO-TECH provides Flooring Removal, Floor Scraping and Concrete Cleaning in the following Communities:

  • Abbotsford

  • Aldergrove

  • Burnaby

  • Chilliwack

  • Coquitlam

  • Delta

  • Fraser Valley

  • Hope

  • Langley

  • Lower Mainland

  • Maple Ridge

  • Mission

  • New Westminster

  • Pitt Meadows

  • Port Coquitlam

  • Richmond

  • Surrey

  • Tri-Cities

  • North Vancouver

  • West Vancouver

  • Vancouver

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