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Alberta's Best Demolition Contractor

demolition contractor alberta


We Specialize in All Types of Demolition Projects in Alberta that includes Oilfield Demolition, Industrial Demolition, Commercial Demolition and All Manner of Specialty Demolition Services . 

When you know your project demands the best, make us your first call.  We offer complete demolition solutions from project planning, project management, job completion and safe disposal and salvage.

Safe - Environmentally Responsible - Cost Efficient

We Offer On-Site Demolition Services in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan.

Our Demolition Experts Can Do:


When its time to retire a plant, manufacturing facility, or other industrial structure, we provide safe and environmentally responsible industrial demolition solutions that are time efficient and cost-effective. 


We safely dismantle and decommission oilfield facilities that have served their useful life-cycle. We provide safe and environmentally responsible oilfield demolition solutions for above and below ground storage tanks and pipe, pump stations, treaters, vessels and other oil and gas operating equipment. 


We safely demolish all or part of commercial buildings and structures. We provide complete demolition services, or selective demolition depending on the scope of your project. Our commercial demolition solutions are time efficient, cost-effective and complaint with WCB standards. 


When a fire, flood or other event has happened, we provide immediate emergency demolition to secure the site and remove any hazards.  Our emergency demolition services include industrial sites, commercial buildings, agriculture structures and residential property.


We have extensive experience demolishing and dismantling temporary modular structures.  Our experience for modular demolition includes work camps, temporary office and emergency structures and homeless and medical shelters.  Modular structures can often be carefully dismantled and re-used, while others that have served their useful life are re-purposed or salvaged.


We offer specialty demolition for industrial, commercial and oilfield projects. Specialty demolition can include everything from selective demolition, deconstruction and dismantling.  We handle specialty and difficult projects of all sizes and are able to provide the unique demolition solutions that you need.

demolition contractor in alberta

Are You Looking for the Best Demolition Contractor Near Me?


DEMO-TECH Demolition Ltd. works hard to provide the best and safest Demolition Services near me.


If your project is located in Calgary, Edmonton, Southern Alberta, Fort McMurray or the Peace Region we can provide the demolition services to get your demolition project done on time, on budget and in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Customers of all sizes, and in many industries, rely on us to provide Safe, Efficient and Cost-Effective Demolition Services.

We have built our business on providing High Quality Demolition, Deconstruction, Disposal and related Construction Services.

When your demolition project needs the best, hire the best demolition contractor in Alberta.

demolition contractors alberta


Demolition Contractors are Not Created Equal.


When you have a demolition project, you need it done right.

You want a demolition contractor that will arrive on time, work according to the agreed upon schedule, and complete the demolition in a safe and efficient manner.

We are the preferred demolition contractor near me because we do just that.  We do what we say we will do.

You don't have to worry about us not showing up for a demolition job like other demolition contractors.  We respect your project schedule and we know that your time is valuable.  We treat you the same we that we want to be treated when we hire someone to work for us.

In this modern age of technology, we stick to traditional values, work ethic and personable communication.  We are proud to be a leading demolition contractor and we look forward to earning the opportunity to work for you.

demolition contractor in alberta


We Offer Full Demolition Services


When you hire a demolition company, you want a contractor that can handle all of your demolition needs.

We provide complete demolition services, so that you only have to hire one demolition company.

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